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OpinionLab integrates with a wide breadth of complementary technologies from cutting-edge vendors, providing an extra layer of insight that enables you to further drive optimization, improve segmentation and provide even greater context to your customer behavior analysis and CX improvement initiatives.

The power of integrations

Key benefits

Seamless integration: OpinionLab integrates seamlessly with a wide range of technology platforms to ease implementation and optimize usability.

Drive optimization: Combine OpinionLab insight with underlying online analytics and text data to better identify and quantify your key web optimization requirements in real time.

Segment feedback: Integrate OpinionLab with CRM systems to tailor your action by customer segmentation.

Deeper insight

Integrations to enhance your CX

OpinionLab seamlessly integrates with almost any other complementary tool, including:

Session replay: Use OpinionLab to highlight customer web sessions that require attention, making your session replay analysis more efficient and ensuring you understand the chain of events that lead to a particular customer experience. Integrate with IBM TeaLeaf, Cloudmeter, Clicktale, UserReplay, Mouseflow and more.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): OpinionLab can link customer feedback submitted to related records in your CRM system. Benefit from more personalized consumer data, sales messaging and marketing campaigns and/or target prospects based on the feedback they give you. Integrate with, Microsoft Dynamics, RightNow, Kana, Atlassian JIRA and more.

Behavioral analytics: Integrate our solution with behavioral analytics platforms to gain a greater understanding of how and why your customers engage with your website. Integrate with Adobe Omniture, IBM Digital Analytics and more.

Web analytics: Combine our Voice of Customer insight with your web analytics data to provide a deeper overview of the online experience you offer. Gain tactical awareness of page-specific issues or abandonments, greater contextual analysis on user challenges and much more. Integrate with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, webtrends, netbiscuits, IBMetrics and more.

Text analytics: Integrate our solution with your text analytics solution to provide deeper analysis and sentiment classification of specific feedback comments you receive. Provide more accurate predictive models, gain a better understanding of customer sentiment and much more. Integrate with Clarabridge, Attensity and more.

Tag management: Work with tag management systems to change and update script execution across your brands, platforms or channels. Integrate with Adobe Tag Manager, Google Tag Manager, TagMan, Ensighten, Tealium and more.

Multivariate and A/B testing: OpinionLab integrates with your multivariate testing solution to enable you to customize customer feedback across different layouts, styles, processes or any other aspect of the experience you wish to test. Integrate with Optimizely, HP Optimost, Maxymiser, Sitespect and more.

Legacy Systems: OpinionLab can be easily integrated into your legacy business systems to inform prioritization of maintenance investments and resource allocation.

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