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Respond to feedback automatically

OpinionLab’s Intelligent Support improves your digital customer experience by automatically responding to the feedback you receive in real-time. Proactively engage with your customers to instantaneously solve their problems and answer their questions to keep them on your website, increase the likelihood they will convert and create brand advocates.​

Respond to feedback automatically
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Key benefits

Create loyal customers: Proactive real-time responses to queries, problems, questions and issues improves your customer experience and increases customer loyalty.

Increase revenue: In-the-moment response increases the likelihood your customers follow through with their initial goal – whether researching, seeking help or buying – before they click to your competition.

Reduce costs: Automatically respond to common issues, queries and complaints to solve customer problems without needing additional resource and – if applicable – cut call center volumes.

Create brand advocates

Close the loop to improve your CX

Tailored Response helps you close the loop with your customers. Closing the loop can improve your CX in many ways.

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