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Real-Time Alerts

Empower your organization to act fast

In an environment where your customers are becoming increasingly demanding and less patient, you need to be able to react to the feedback they give you quickly and efficiently.

Real-Time Alerts provide automated and targeted email notifications, allowing your broader organization to identify and react to key customer experience trends, problems and other issues how you need to, when you need to.​

Visibility to act

Key benefits

Immediate notification: Customize our Real-Time Alerts to notify you about key Voice of Customer trends based on triggers you define – either periodically or in-the-moment they happen.

Engage key stakeholders: Automatically send notifications to ensure vital customer experience information is acted upon immediately by the right people in your organization.

Take action: Put real-time feedback and the context needed to act in the hands of people who can take appropriate action to ensure a small problem doesn’t become a major issue.

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