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Data Visualization to inform your organization and focus your action

OpinionLab’s Data Visualization empowers you to quickly understand extensive CX feedback from across your organization and identify priorities and actions.

We provide a variety of visually-compelling options to make your VoC data more actionable.


Highlight web page specific issues

SiteScan provides a clear visual representation of page-specific feedback.

Scan your entire website to provide quick and clear insight, and highlight areas to monitor or address. Use SiteScan to make immediate improvements and optimize your website on an ongoing basis.

Highlight web page specific issues
Comment Themes

Focus on key customer topics

OpinionLab’s Comment Theme Clusters group frequently submitted customer feedback keywords and associated sentiment to help you quickly identify important feedback topics over specific time periods.

Comment Theme Clusters are real-time and clickable, so you can drill down into individual groupings or comments to reveal further information – such as the open text verbatim and specific context – you need to take action.

Comment Theme Clusters can be segmented and filtered extensively according to your own requirements to help you effectively meet the unique needs of your business.

Focus on key customer topics
Comment Mosaic

Build a customer centered culture

Comment Mosaic provides a dynamic motion and color-driven matrix to highlight positive, negative and neutral customer sentiment in an extremely visually compelling way. Display Comment Mosaic around your business to raise organizational awareness and get everyone who should be thinking about your customers, thinking about your customers.

Build a customer centered culture
Location Dashboard

Location, location, location

As more of your customers choose your digital channels to give you feedback on your physical locations, OpinionLab’s Location Dashboard provides the data visualization you need to effectively act.

Our Location Dashboard is real-time and clickable, so you can drill down into specific locations or comments for the context you need to act.

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Location, location, location

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