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Visibility and understanding to close the loop

Voice of Customer feedback gathered by OpinionLab holds a wealth of actionable insight, especially open-ended customer comments given in the moment of truth.

To derive higher value from this insight, you need to distribute these comments of significance, coded for sentiment and context, throughout your organization for collaborative and timely response.

Share the positive.

Fix the negative.

Gauge your success on how well your organization responds to VoC.

We provide a variety of options to ensure visibility and understanding of customer feedback throughout your organization and activate the internal collaboration required to act with precision, urgency, accountability and impact.

Improved internal collaboration leads to efficient closed-loop customer response, improvements to your overall business based on customer feedback trends, and a more customer-centric culture.

Visibility and understanding to close the loop
Collaborative Labels

Engage the right people in your organization to act

When dealing with vast amounts of customer feedback – especially unstructured text – it can be challenging to get the right internal stakeholders engaged in a timely manner.

Collaborative Labels assign labels to individual customer feedback submissions, tailored to your internal work flow, to quickly distribute, categorize, organize, act upon and track issues and opportunities.

Collaborative Notes

Tap into your collective knowledge to expedite action and improve CX

OpinionLab captures the context you need to act on your customer feedback, and oftentimes, context provided by relevant stakeholders throughout your own organization is the richest context of all.

Collaborative Notes foster a dialogue among your internal stakeholders acting on a specific customer issue or opportunity by allowing them to add detailed notes, and view the notes of others.

This collaboration results in improved visibility and understanding to both close the loop with individual customers and learn from feedback patterns to improve your overall CX.

Collaborative Status

Improved internal visibility, understanding and accountability

Your organization may be challenged to ensure timely action on customer feedback that requires insight and action from diverse business functions, departments and geographies.

Collaborative Statuses provide a simple and efficient way for your diverse internal stakeholders to assign, update and track status on a specific piece of customer feedback to enable institutional visibility and understanding along the path to resolution.

Improved internal visibility, understanding and accountability

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