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Track peer benchmarks for unrivalled industry comparisons

OpinionLab’s Benchmarks allow you to examine specific aspects of your CX against real-time, industry-specific data from your peers. This insight empowers you to focus on enhancing the most important aspects of your customer experience, which you can monitor over time to drive bottom line improvements.​

Track peer benchmarks for unrivalled industry comparisons
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Key benefits

Highly specific insight: Make comparisons on task (e.g. shopping cart) and page-specific performance ratings, know at a glance where you under and over-perform your peers and monitor the impact of changes you make over time.

Meaningful industry comparisons: OpinionLab collects Voice of Customer data from hundreds of the top companies in the world, meaning you can be sure you’re benchmarking against an unmatched volume of organizations that provide highly meaningful comparisons.

Understand the why: Drilldown beyond overall ratings to explore the underlying comments behind these scores; uncover reasons and provide context in real-time.

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