Improve your customer experience

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Improve your customer experience

Ensuring you continuously improve the quality and consistency of your CX is critical to achieving ongoing success in a rapidly changing and hypercompetitive market. OpinionLab empowers both immediate customer centered action, and longer term omnichannel CX improvements.

Evaluative measures – such as customer satisfaction (CSAT) – are important to your organization. But because these are trailing indicators, establishing exactly what needs to happen in your business to drive improvement is often challenging.

OpinionLab’s powerful customer experience diagnostic solution provides you with actionable insight from engaged customers to pinpoint where change should occur to improve the scores that measure the longer term health of your CX.

Industry Benchmarks

Real-time peer benchmarking

Compare both overall and specific parts of your customer experience against your industry peers in real-time with our proprietary Industry Benchmarks. Take action and measure the resulting impact over time to make gains on and surpass your competition.

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Trend Reports

Inform CX strategy with trend data

OpinionLab’s Trend Reports enable you to measure the impact of the customer experience changes you make over time to drive continuous and long-term CX improvement.

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Closing the loop

Let them know you're listening

To improve customer loyalty and create brand advocates, you need to listen to your customers, act on what they tell you and – crucially – inform them of the actions you’ve taken.

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Data-driven insight

Recommendations from our CX experts power improvement

Benefit from advice and consultation – based on data-driven insights into your CX performance – from our CX best practice experts to significantly improve your customer experience and drive bottom-line impact.

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