Other paths to actionable VoC

Traditional feedback

Capture key customer behavior insight

Our traditional feedback solutions, which rely on more typical data collection techniques, complement our customer-initiated methodology to provide you with enhanced insight and support. Rather than relying on ‘opt ins’, you can instead put specific triggers in place for your customers to provide feedback or direction at pivotal points of their customer journey. Explore performance against KPIs, reasons for non-conversion/cart abandonment and much more. Then use this invaluable insight to improve the overall customer experience you offer.​

Capture key customer behavior insight
Invitation-driven feedback

Invitation-driven feedback for representative VoC analysis

Use our invitation-driven feedback solution to ask your customers to submit feedback at specific points of their visit to your website (e.g. when they leave). If they agree, one of our Dynamic Comment Cards displays at the appropriate point. You can ask consumers to rate their overall satisfaction, focus on a specific part of your customer proposition or question them about any other point of interest.

Because the random sample that agrees to participate can be assumed to match the total visitor population, our invitation-driven feedback is often used to record Net Promoter Score (NPS) and performance against other KPIs.

Invitation-driven feedback for representative VoC analysis
Event-driven feedback

Event-driven feedback for specific customer behavior insight

Our event-driven feedback captures real-time customer experience insight tied to moments of truth. Since you define the triggers that activate this feature, it delivers exceptional business value by providing intelligence on high-value customer behavior specific to your business and/or requirements. The information provided can be used to deliver key improvements to your customer journey that can significantly boost conversion rates.

For example, trigger a feedback request:

  • when customers abandon their carts to explore the reasons why they didn’t follow through on a purchase
  • when customers use your search function to ensure they find the product they’re looking for
  • when customers enter specific identified key words in any text field on your website
  • at any other point during the customer journey key to your business.

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