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Turn mobile feedback into action

Capture the voice of your customer in any mobile context. Our single-screen Dynamic Comment Card is visually compelling and easy to use in any mobile environment. We capture specific context – including mobile device and browser – to deliver immediate business impact.

Turn mobile feedback into action
Mobile first

Key benefits

Our mobile feedback solution is designed to make submitting mobile feedback to you easy, while enabling you to collect a wide range of context about each customer interaction.

Adaptable to all devices: Using the power of responsive design, our Dynamic Comment Cards adapt fluidly to both smartphones and tablets across all mobile platforms.

Pinpoint geolocation: Spot trends based on your customer’s location without interrupting their experience.

Collect actionable context: We collect rich context behind the scenes, including device type, browser, screen resolution, operating system and location.

Key benefits

Turn mobile feedback into actionable insight

The value of mobile feedback lies in its ability to significantly improve your overall mobile customer experience and create sustainable competitive advantage.

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