A digital path for location-based feedback

Location selector

Location-specific VoC feedback

OpinionLab’s Location Selector enables customers to provide feedback on specific locations. Make the most of your digital channels to gather rich and real-time feedback about your physical locations.

Location-specific VoC feedback
Non-buyer insight

Key benefits

Our Location Selector adds invaluable precision to location feedback gathered through your digital channels.

Geolocation: Location Selector taps into the geolocation of your customer to help them find nearby locations upon which to provide feedback.

Ease of use: Customers are prompted with lists of nearby locations or can complete a simple search to ensure the feedback they provide is aligned with the correct location.

Ability to act: With precise location data, location feedback gathered through digital channels is exceptionally actionable.


Key benefits
Precise context

Turn location feedback into action

Our location feedback solution provides you deep, context rich data. Turn feedback into action to maximize revenue per square foot, optimize employee performance and enhance your overall customer experience.

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