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Digital channel selector

Connect physical and digital channels ​

OpinionLab’s Digital Channel Selector allows you to effectively leverage your digital channels to capture insight across a broad range of topics – be it on your website, physical location, product or overall CX.

Connect physical and digital channels ​
Cross channel feedback

Key benefits

Our Digital Channel Selector amplifies the ability of your digital channels to collect a wide range of VoC insight.

Capture insight on all interactions: Allow your customers to leave feedback on one of your products, their phone/email interactions with you, their experiences in one of your locations or any other interaction you have with them.

Effective feedback routing: Our Digital Channel Selector improves your ability to deliver channel-specific feedback to the right people in your organization to act in a timely manner.

Easy to use: An easy-to-understand user interface simplifies customer feedback submission.

Context to take action

Turn feedback into actionable insights

Turn the cross channel feedback you collect across each of your touchpoints into actionable insights that drive improvements. Use this information to optimize customer experience, improve conversions and maximize sales.

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