Give your customer a voice

Customer initiated

Give your customer a voice

​Empowering your customers to raise their hands during their customer experience provides you with unprecedented access to the Voice of your Customer. We invented opt-in feedback, manifested in our iconic feedback symbol [+], to let your customers engage with you on their own terms – ensuring you benefit from an undiluted and accurate picture of their experience interacting with your brand. Unlike traditional surveys, customer-initiated engagement that’s non-obtrusive and ‘always on’ empowers your customers to talk to you wherever, whenever and however they like.

The result: actionable insights that drive improvements and consistency across your customer experience. ​

Customer Journey

Engagement Posts

What are Engagement Posts?  OpinionLab pioneered a solution to continuously listen to your customers throughout their customer journey. But, when you’re closing the loop with customers in real-time, listening evolves into engagement.

OpinionLab’s value is anchored in the placement of Engagement Posts throughout customer journeys.

Engagement Posts enable your empowered customer to engage with you when and where they see value in doing so.

And, Engagement Posts enable you to engage with customers in real-time to “close the loop”.

Comment Card

Customer engagement in a digital, mobile world

We invented the Dynamic Comment Card to capture the rich data you need to take action on Voice of Customer. The Dynamic Comment Card  – which opens when customers opt-in to provide feedback – features a combination of unstructured text input, sentiment rating, Net Promoter Score, task completion and custom questions tailored to your specific needs. Provide customers with the ability to talk to you about any issue that’s on their mind while gathering the context you need to act upon their feedback. You can customize our Dynamic Comment Cards to all points along the customer journey and make changes in real-time to gain instant feedback on any topic.

Real-time insight

Website feedback

Your website is a key customer touchpoint so ensuring it offers a positive and enriching customer experience is critical. Our website feedback solution provides you deep and actionable insight, offering you the intelligence to optimize your site experience for better results.

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In the moment

Mobile feedback

A seamless mobile experience is a must have in today’s market. Ensuring you capture insight about the customer experience you offer via smartphone, tablet and app is vital to an effective VoC strategy. Our mobile feedback solution offers you the insight you need to impact your bottom line.

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Actionable insight

Location feedback

Your physical locations are likely one of your most significant revenue streams. You need to know what your customers think about their experiences in this vital part of your operation. Our location selector makes it easy for your customers to leave precise location-specific feedback.

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Omnichannel VoC

Cross channel feedback

Leverage digital channels to enable your customers to speak to you on their terms about any aspect of your customer experience, including your products, your locations, your call centers or your digital experience. Our cross channel feedback solution provides the breadth of information you need to drive key strategic improvements.

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Other paths

Traditional feedback

Our traditional feedback solutions complement our customer-initiated approach to enable you to explore reasons behind non-buyer behavior and cart abandonment, ensure visitors to your website find what they’re looking for and much more. Our event and invitation-driven feedback improves your customer experience and boosts conversion.

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