Smarter and faster business decisions​

Actionable VoC

Feedback + context = results

OpinionLab provides real-time customer insights that empower you to make smarter and faster business decisions to improve your CX – which in turn will generate increased revenue and positively impact your bottom line.

How? By combining your customers’ feedback with the context you need to respond in the moment and take action on what they tell you. The result: CX improvements that drive business results.

In the moment

Give your customer a voice

Your customers are more demanding and less patient than they’ve ever been. They expect to be able to provide you feedback whenever, wherever and however they want and for you to listen and take action.

OpinionLab’s VoC solution gives your customers a voice at all points of their interactions with you, simply by clicking on our iconic feedback symbol [+]. The result: honest, timely and actionable feedback on the issues that matter most to the people who make or break your business.

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Take action

Empower your organization to act

Your customers expect you to respond to what they tell you quickly and effectively. Through a host of advanced analytic and data visualization tools, our solution empowers you to identify key CX trends and issues – crucially in the right context – and respond in real-time. The result: an improved and more consistent customer experience.

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Consistent CX

Continuously improve your customer experience

Continuous improvement to the quality and consistency of your CX is crucial to building customer advocacy in a hypercompetitive market. We power long-term omnichannel improvements through benchmarks and data-driven recommendations. The result: fully optimized customer experience, improved sales, loyal customers and increased customer lifetime value.

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