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The shopping destination of the future: the Mall

American shopping malls are iconic institutions, born in the 50s and the quintessential centerpieces of teenage culture in the 80s. Who can think back to the mall madness of the 80s without conjuring up images of Spicoli, Stacy, Linda and the rest of the characters in Fast Times At Ridgemont High who didn’t just sling pizza, but came of age in the food courts and maze-like walkways of their local mall?

For decades, the mall was a staple of popular culture that represented suburban consumerism in its most basic form. The plotline for today’s retail experience is vastly different. Prognosticators have been proclaiming the death of the shopping mall ever since people began seriously shopping online, and web sites like Deadmalls.com have sprouted up to document the demise of retail centers from South Dakota to Mississippi. It’s a good story to tell, but does it reflect reality? Are yesterday’s malls destined to wither as e-Commerce and mobile commerce move up the retail bell curve? Or, is their room for both in tomorrow’s retail landscape?

Want to know what OpinionLab’s predictions? Read our latest article published in Retail Touchpoints here.

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