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Retailers are becoming very familiar with it, and customers have long been suffering from it–survey fatigue. If you frequent our blog, it’s a message we’ve been shouting from the rooftops practically since inception.

In today’s omnichannel world, capturing customers’ opinions is more important than ever, and we’re not just talking about the pre-purchase lifecycle anymore. No matter how a customer is researching, browsing, webrooming or purchasing, one thing is certain– customers expect more from brands from every touchpoint. Frustrated customers are done with the outdated, poorly executed and long-winded surveys of yesterday. They’re tired of being interrupted, over-solicited and pestered with pop-ups. They want to provide feedback on their own terms. And frankly, retailers should want them to.

Surveys are marketer-centric and designed to satisfy the business’ goals.  A long survey fails to capture the customer’s voice at the point of experience and it’s not doing anything for your brand image either. Serious brands who are interested in collecting feedback need to change their entire approach to prioritize opt-in participation. And since we’re on the subject, incentives are not a solution to survey fatigue. Companies need feedback from engaged respondents who care about making the brand better–not people who will put in 35-40 clicks to get a free cup of coffee.

The future of all customer feedback is opt-in. Brands are gaining a tremendous amount of information about shoppers as they move across channels, and are beginning to develop ubiquitous shopper profiles that merge data from mobile, CRM and social.  Ultimately this profile will let brands know if a consumer has actively opted in to feedback, coupons and special offers or if she has opted out and should not be solicited.

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