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Download one of our White Papers exploring the latest and most pressing Voice of Customer and customer experience industry issues, trends and topics.

Forrester Research: Is your digital transformation driving seamless customer journeys?

Download this exclusive Forrester survey to learn how digital CX pros are attempting to deliver a frictionless omnichannel customer experience. Continue reading

Q&A with Forrester Principal Analyst Maxie Schmidt: How CX delivers business value

Get Forrester Principal Analyst Maxie Schmidt's perspective on the value - in real terms - of superior CX and how VoC is an integral part of achieving this objective. Continue reading

The Digital Tipping Point: Balancing Digital and the Human Touch in Customer Engagement

Download this White Paper, which draws on survey responses from 24,000 consumers and 1,000 businesses, to understand: What customers really want when it comes to omnichannel CX  How most organizations are not currently delivering experiences in line with these preferences The six steps …

White paper: How to harness effective diagnostics to improve customer experience

How does real-time Voice of Customer (VoC) visibility make customer feedback actionable? Executives across a range of industries are investing unprecedented sums of money into VoC programs to improve customer experience consistency. This white paper highlights he role of real-time diagnostics in making VoC data more actionable and enhancing its impact on traditional, evaluative CX tracking. Continue reading

White paper: How to keep your Voice of Customer data secure

Find out how to identify VoC data security risks, control these risks and choose a vendor to ensure you guard against security breaches. Continue reading

White paper: How to effectively apply VoC to the new retail omnichannel journey

Understand the new buyer journey and how to map VoC across all channels, while evolving your VoC strategies to meet new omnichannel CX challenges. Continue reading

Voice of Customer: the future

Adam Greco of Web Analystics Demystified explores the need for Voice of Customer listening platforms to evolve in line with customer behavior to ensure they continue to provide the actionable insight you desire.  

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