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View the latest OpinionLab infographics exploring the most cutting edge customer experience and Voice of Customer trends.

The mobile conundrum

Mobile has taken over and it’s here to stay. 92% own a smartphone and mobile ‘influenced’ $1 Trillion in consumer spend in 2015. But are you ready for this astonishing transformation in consumer habits? Download our infographic to find out … Continue reading

Customer journey mapping: Six best practices + the missing ingredient

Forrester claims that 63% of CX professionals say their firms map customer experiences, while VentureBeat research indicates that only 5% of marketers believe they have mastered the ability to predict the customer journey. Creating an accurate and effective customer journey map … Continue reading

Three reasons website redesigns fail

An effective website is critical to business success – which is why significant resources are invested in wholesale redesign projects. But how can you learn from others’ errors to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes? Find out three of the … Continue reading

Five ways VoC powers an optimized online CX

As your main touch point with your customers in this digital world, your website is the primary face of your business and critical to your success. But how can listening to your Voice of Customer to deliver an optimal digital experience … Continue reading

Essential VoC numbers financial services providers need to know

Customers of financial services providers are becoming more empowered and are starting to vote with their feet. Download our infographic to find out the key VoC statistical trends.

Survey fatigue

Opt-in VoC listening is rapidly gaining ground among today’s global leaders because it delivers more actionable customer insights than traditional surveys, without any risk of jeopardizing the customer experience.      

In-store tracking rejected by shoppers

Based on the results of our survey of over 1,000 consumers, shoppers do not like the idea of in-store tracking. Find out why and how they can be encouraged to change their mind by downloading our infographic.

VoC Numbers Retailers Need to Know

Retail consumers today are more knowledgeable and empowered than ever. Here are the numbers you need to know to collect, analyze and act upon data & insights gathered through omnichannel experiences.  

Shoppers Reject In-Store Tracking by Retailers

In early March, OpinionLab assembled a panel of over 1,000 consumers, consisting of a variety of genders, ages and demographic backgrounds. We wanted to know just what this eclectic group of consumers really thought about the notion of in-store tracking … Continue reading

OpinionLab’s Customer Opinion Index Report Holiday Preview

The Customer Opinion Index (COI) is a proprietary measure of brand health, calculated on a 0 to 1000 scale, and incorporates overall experience ratings, customer satisfaction and loyalty ratings, customer intent performance, open-ended comments, as well as ratings of the … Continue reading

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