Strategy Guide: Six steps to an awesome website redesign

How to manage your website redesign strategy to create a digital experience that improves customer loyalty and increases revenue. Find out:

  • What a changing digital landscape means for your website redesign strategies
  • The key questions you need to ask when redesigning your website
  • The most important stakeholders to involve in the process

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The rise of digital continues at a staggering rate, with total digital media usage up 40% between December 2013 and December 2016. Your website, increasingly a portal to every interaction digital or otherwise, is likely to be subject to more scrutiny than any other engagement point – both by you, as you think about ways to optimize performance, and your customers, who increasingly live their lives online and therefore have the highest digital standards.

How can you drive desired business results via your digital experience? This is now a multi-billion pound question for most organizations. It’s no surprise therefore that many look either to a partial or complete website redesign to drive impactful changes.

But where do you start with such a big challenge? And how do you build a new website that drives desired business results? It’s not easy so there are a lot of factors to consider. This Strategy Guide outlines six steps for website redesign success.

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