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Strategy Guide: Five ways insurers can drive customer retention with VoC

IBM claims attracting a new customer costs seven times more for insurers than retaining an existing one. Download this Strategy Guide to find out: How to utilize your VoC to make your customers more loyal How to harness customer insight to deliver …

Strategy Guide: How to embrace mobile to become a financial services leader

Financial services organizations are investing in mobile as they seek to reduce long-term costs, increase revenue and improve overall engagement. Download this Strategy Guide to find out: How financial institutions that aren’t ‘mobile first’ are getting left behind How mobile can be …

Strategy Guide: How to create effective customer journey maps for the UK market

How UK-based companies can harness the latest journey mapping trends to deliver exceptional CX ‘Customer journey mapping’ is a buzz topic in customer experience right now but companies everywhere are struggling to successfully match their maps to the customer journey. … Continue reading

Strategy Guide: The future of customer journey mapping

Download this Strategy Guide to find out: How customer journey maps can be the difference between winning and losing when it comes to CX Six emerging trends to inform your customer journey mapping strategies Why Voice of Customer is the missing ingredient missed …

Strategy Guide: How to create great omnichannel CX in Canadian retail

A guide to customer experience consistency for Canadian retailers Retailers able to implement effective omnichannel strategies can benefit from increased revenue, more efficient inventory management and reduce costs, while delivering an improved overall CX to their customers. But while 91% … Continue reading

Strategy Guide: How to effectively bridge digital and in-store CX

Download this Strategy Guide to find out all you need to know about delivering superior omnichannel CX in retail, including: Why your customers prefer BOPUS to traditional shopping methods The different types of omnichannel fulfilment you need to master The main benefits of …

eBook: Five actions for mobile CX success with real-time Voice of Customer

The facts are undeniable: when it comes to the customer experience, mobile is king, and it has now permeated every facet of our daily lives. In the U.S. alone, 92% of adults own a smartphone, 97% of them use it multiple … Continue reading

Strategy Guide: Solving the mobile CX equation

Three steps to help you thrive in a mobile world In 2015 alone, U.S. consumers purchased some $67 billion in goods on their smartphones. Factoring in the contributions of smart devices to the entire purchase cycle, mobile is estimated to … Continue reading

Strategy Guide: How actionable VoC helps you improve store performance

The trusty store remains a significant weapon in the retailer’s arsenal. Download this OpinionLab Strategy Guide to understand: The power of digital feedback to improving omnichannel CX How VoC can help you deliver real-time insights to your store management Seven best practices for …

eBook: Five steps to improve your customer journey maps with VoC

Download this eBook to understand how your Voice of Customer and customer journey mapping can combine to optimize your CX. Discover: How your VoC provides a unique insight into customer journeys The journey mapping questions your VoC helps you answer The five steps …

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