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We’re pretty excited! OpinionLab as a company has always been steeped in innovation (Crain’s Chicago pegged us as 2012’s number 2 most Innovative businesses). We’ve always invested heavily in the areas of new product development and technology, and as a result, our intellectual property portfolio. Two things that have helped in large part to make us the company we are today (and thanks to some foresight, the company we’re poised to be tomorrow). We developed a unique methodology way back when around page specific feedback (and protected it with over a dozen patents).

The explosion of mobile has been great to us (and to our clients, and to their customers), and today, we are even more focused on that same ‘location specificity’. In short, real-time feedback + a mobile migration of the customer…. Definitely something worth protecting. Our latest patent has been issued. You can read the details here: http://1.usa.gov/VfUCHQ



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