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I’m very excited to announce that we just published the latest edition of our Customer Opinion Index (COI) benchmark report, which is now available for download on our website. This exclusive report from OpinionLab tracks 60+ customer experience benchmarks across 8 major industries and sheds light on the key drivers of the customer experience across channels.

Published exclusively by OpinionLab, COI is the one number you need to measure your ability to deliver incredible omnichannel customer experiences. We’re proud to help a community of the world’s biggest brands deliver consistently high quality customer experiences. That leadership affords us the ability to publish the industry’s most comprehensive and most actionable set of customer experience benchmarks.

Customer experience truly is the new marketing. We’ve been preaching that gospel for years, and it looks like enterprise leaders are finally starting to catch on. With customers being more connected, more informed, and more empowered than ever, we totally agree with the CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA when he states that “customer experience better be at the top of [the] list when it comes to priorities in [the] organization.”

But it’s not enough to have a killer customer experience strategy. True CX leaders blend strategy with real-time listening and measurement to insure they are consistently thrilling their customers, as well as intervening, with pinpoint precision, the moment an experience goes off the rails. That’s where COI benchmarking proves its value.

COI benchmarks, now accessible to OpinionLab customers in real-time with our Winter Release, provide the type of pinpoint visibility you need to determine if your brand is truly delivering a first-class customer experience.

I invite you to download and read the report, and encourage you to reach out if you would like to learn more about how the COI benchmarking framework can make a difference in helping you drive better and more consistent CX.

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