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If someone Instagrams a picture of your messy shoe store or texts a pic of that hair they found in their salad, your business is at risk. But while you can’t stop people from sharing their observations, one company wants to help you use them.

OpinionLab gives businesses the opportunity to let that stream of customer consciousness into their systems as feedback. It raised $15 million in funding today led by SSM Partners.

The company has set up a way for you to get quick feedback on how your website works, how your app runs, if your store is up to par, and if your products actually satisfied their want or need. It does this by employing a combination of buttons that can run on your website or QR codes that exist on physical products.

Say you’re in a store and you feel the staff is rude and the clothes are falling off the hangers, you can scan a QR code on a poster that should be displayed in-store. The QR code leads you to a feedback form. The same goes for products themselves. They may have the QR code on a label. On a website it’s a simple as clicking a button.

But while it seems pretty easy, a lot of people don’t really take time to scan QR codes. It also excludes anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone who might still want to give feedback.

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