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KUSA 9News
by Laurie Cipriano

There was a time not so long ago, that some people were predicting the death of shopping malls. Not so – and they can thank Millennials. The tech-savvy generation, between the ages of eighteen and 29, approximately, would rather shop at malls than online.

According to a recent study by OpinionLab – 37 percent of Millennials prefer to shop at the mall, while 27 percent of them prefer shopping online. 

The survey also showed – that non-Millennials, (Generation X and Baby Boomers) would rather buy online. When it comes to those in their thirties and up, about 23 percent of them choose going to the mall, while 32 percent of them want to buy online.

It’s the Millennials who are surprising everyone.

“I think that is very counter-intuitive,” said Darrin C. Cuber-Smith, Senior Lecturer at Metropolitan State University of Denver. “I think just most experts and just most reasonable people would have thought that this generation [Millennials] would prefer the internet. I think that’s just the opposite of what people thought. So whenever a study finds that, I think marketers kind of step back and say ‘Whoa, what’s happening? Is this a big social shift?”

Duber-Smith says never underestimate the touch and feel aspect of the shopping experience.

The survey polled 1,103 consumers in April 2014.

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