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Our regular Funding Daily reporter is off this week, sunning her hard-working carcass in Hawaii. You know what that means: No more witty headlines for you!

While we’ll do our best to fill Rebecca Grant‘s supremely funny shoes, we simply can’t live up to her trademark one-liners about sriracha, Clydesdales, and the ups and downs of local sports.

We will, however, continue to serve up what you presumably came here for: brief blips of funding news with an unusually palatable information-to-buzzword ratio.

Let’s start the show!

NanoLight finishes Kickstarter with $275,000

The eco-friendly NanoLight represented a lightbulb moment for three grad students in Toronto. The trio took to Kickstarter with an initial budget of $20,000, but the project’s 5,700 backers blew that out with a total of $275,00 raised. NanoLight uses just 12 watts of electricity to generate over 1,600 lumens, about the same brightness as a 100-watt incandescent bulb.

Appcelerator is working on its Series D

Appcelerator, the company for developers who want to break into the mobile world, is working on a big, fat fourth round of funding. In a filing released today, the company said it’s in the middle of selling $16 million worth of equity. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Ad platform uses behavioral data to serve you; time to freak out!

Dobleas, an ad platform that uses behavioral data to target its inventory, has emerged from a year of stealth operations and is announcing a $5.4 million second round of investment from its parent company, FreakOut, Inc. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Edison Ventures pumps cash into new health tech

Edison Ventures has invested an undisclosed sum in Lincor Solutions, a 10-year old company that makes “point of care computing” for hospitals and doctors’ offices. Called MEDIVista, the software gives both patients and administrators quick, easy access to information.

Trulia raises a huge $150M for acquisitions

Real estate company Trulia is gathering an enormous warchest to fund a string of planned acquisitions. The company is publicly traded and will be releasing new shares on the New York Stock Exchange to fuel its ambitious roadmap. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Fundraising startup raises funds

A group of MIT alums have raised $340,000 in angel money for a new fundraising tool for nonprofits. It’s called ProBueno; early adopters include the prestigious Khan Academy. The app is only now out of beta. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Opinions-focused marketing tool gets $15M

OpinionLab wants to get customers’ voices heard, no matter where those voices pop up. Companies like Ford and Walmart use OpinionLab as a way to get “voice of customer” feedback. To fund its expansion, the company has taken $15 million in venture capital. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

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