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While Cyber Monday 2018 was a huge success for online retailers, with U.S. sales jumping 19.7% over 2017 to $7.9 billion according to Adobe, results could have been even higher if online retailers addressed key issues that are creating poor customer experiences.

According to results from Cyber Monday 2018 digital comment cards from Verint’s digital feedback management solution (OpinionLab), 59% of consumers who left negative comments about their Cyber Monday online experiences said that they could not complete key tasks, preventing them from completing their transactions and creating negative customer experiences.

Of almost 7,000 comments received from customers on Cyber Monday across retailers with combined annual revenues of $277 billion, almost 60% of comments received are what Verint characterizes as “Digital Cries for Help” — comments about online shopping carts that could not be successfully checked out, product that was out of stock, delivery addresses that could not be updated with the proper zip code and a multitude of other problems identified by consumers.

While retailers are counting on online sales to carry the day with consumers — and consumers are increasingly demanding that retailers provide them with the ease and comfort of shopping from their home or office — businesses must pay close attention to the quality of the digital experience they offer consumers.

Online retailers need to realize that just moving to digital is not a panacea — rather, they must give consumers a great experience at the same time. Given the plethora of choices that consumers now have, businesses that continuously monitor the customer experience and take rapid action to correct problems are the ones that will win in today’s highly competitive environment.

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This article was originally posted on the Verint blog.

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