How is OpinionLab priced?

OpinionLab is an enterprise Software as a Service solution customized to your specific and unique business needs.  Unlike a simple survey tool, we engage your customers throughout their customer journey, and provide you the context and tools to take action on what they’re telling you. Contact us using the tab at the bottom of this page and we’ll be in touch to understand what you are trying to accomplish to inform any pricing discussion.


After I sign a contract with you, what are the next steps?

The first step is a kick off call between all affected parties in your business with your Customer Engagement Manager and a dedicated Implementation Specialist. This ensures we’re all on the same page and allows us to clearly establish the next steps to ensure your deployment matches your specific business need. These same two people will then guide you through the rest of the implementation process.


How do I get an Insights Analyst to provide specific CX recommendations to my business?
Contact your Customer Engagement Manager or reach out to us at marketing@verint.com and we’ll get things rolling.


I’ve seen your Real-Time Alerts and would like to be added to the distribution for my company. How do I do that?
Please contact the OpinionLab administrator at your company who manages distribution of your Real-Time Alerts. If you don’t know who that is, please contact our Support team via Verint Community.


I know my company uses OpinionLab, but I am not sure how to get access. What should I do?
Every OpinionLab customer has at least one administrator who manages access to OpinionLab’s tailored VoC solution. If you contact us via Verint Community we’ll be happy to let you know who an administrator is for your company.


Am I assigned an account manager?
Yes, you’re assigned a Customer Engagement Manager at the outset who is responsible for the overall success of your partnership with OpinionLab. As well as being involved in the implementation process, he or she will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure you maximize the potential of our product and solutions and that they deliver the strategic CX improvements you seek.


What should I do if I need technical support?
The first point of contact is our Customer Success team, who are reachable via Verint Community between 7am and 8pm EST on regular business days.


How do I access my OpinionLab Data Visualization and reporting suite to analyze the feedback data captured?
Access the portal by clicking the Client Login link from the OpinionLab homepage (www.opinionlab.com) or bookmark the dedicated page directly.


How do I reset my password or retrieve it if I forget?
Go to your portal log in page and click “forgotten your password?”. Enter the required details and click “Get The Email”.


How can we make the VoC data we collect more actionable?
Great question! Our solution incorporates a range of analytics and reporting capabilities to enable you to contextualize and take action on the VoC data you capture in real time. Your Customer Engagement Manager and/or Insights Specialist are always on hand to talk you through these in detail and highlight best practice examples from organizations similar to you.


How much data do I need to collect to ensure my analysis is statistically correct and accurate?
With our customer initiated opt-in methodology , the goal is not to achieve a certain volume of responses. Voice of Customer is not about representativeness. If you have one customer telling you something is broken or they are frustrated with inefficiencies within your customer journey, you need to fix it. Our solutions ensure you find out what your customers really think about their interactions with you and then provide the real-time analytic tools to ensure you react in the best way possible to improve your customer experience.


In simple terms, how does OpinionLab technology work?
We provide you with files you host on your website that launches our comment cards that collect customer feedback. The data captured is saved on our OpinionLab servers, which you access to analyze via our portal.


Does your Dynamic Comment Card have a mobile responsive template or WCAG compliant template?
OpinionLab offers multiple templates to meet your various needs including mobile responsive and level AA WCAG compliant.


Can I customize my Dynamic Comment Card?
We have a number of templates that can incorporate your branding available for your use. We also offer certain customizations. Your Customer Engagement Manager and/or Implementation Specialist will be happy to show you specific options at the start of the project. You can also choose the ordering of questions, although we’re always on hand to offer recommendations to ensure you capture as much actionable feedback as possible.

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