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Who is coming to your channel (website, store etc)? What are they there to do? Are they able to do it? What are the barriers? What do you need to fix to drive conversion and other important outcomes and goals?

Visit our website and you’ll see that we practice what we preach. On our site, we’re currently running a comment card that captures answers to the questions listed above–what we believe to be fundamentally important context that any VoC program in any channel should deliver. Without this context, it becomes more difficult to prioritize change

These are the answers which we help clients get to. It’s the analytical lens that helps our clients learn more about their customers and prioritize customer-centric action, so it makes perfect sense for us to use that same lens when analyzing our own data and performance.

We didn’t invent this lens. It’s derived from a methodology proposed by Avinash Kaushik (a digital marketing / analytics savant, author, and one of the smartest men I’ve ever met and had the pleasure to work with) in 2007 . Simply put, it’s the most actionable analytical framework you can use to measure, optimize, and manage the omnichannel customer experience.

As touchpoints blend together, and the web becomes but one window into a much larger omnichannel customer experience, this context becomes more relevant than ever. When structuring a Voice of Customer program, we believe it is imperative to look through this lens: online, in the store, in the call center, in the mobile app, and on the product.

The essential simplicity of this lens belies the extraordinary impact it can have in the hands of the right business analyst. By segmenting the customer base with additional filters, identifying customer goals and intent, measuring the channel’s ability to meet those goals,  and drilling down into customer pain points and conversion friction, a willing operator can rapidly and intelligently transform their business across channels.

That’s why we practice what we preach, leave us feedback, we’d love to understand some additional context about you.

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