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In-store pickup, same-day delivery, packaging–no matter how your customer is buying, reserving or receiving their purchases, the customer experience doesn’t end after the ‘buy’ button is clicked. If you’re a retailer (be it eTailer, brick-and-mortar or even mom and pop shop) consider this your notice. Today’s multichannel consumer expects more from every brand and touchpoint, especially when it comes to the post-purchase experience. Innovators realize the power of delivering a dynamite experience from start to finish, crafting strategies, processes and investing heavily in technologies to deliver products reliably, quickly and in a way that exceeds customer expectations. Recently, it seems many retailers have yet to own the customer experience from first click to delivery. And consumers are shouting it from the rooftops; it’s a problem.

Take a look at the Holiday 2013 season, still a sore subject for many consumers who might still be waiting on their precious purchases. My news alerts are still running stories chock full of security concerns, delayed or missing gifts and declining customer sentiment from a shopping season three months past. Our recent Customer Opinion Index Report from Q4 confirmed customer experience and satisfaction scores were down and customers registered poorer experiences across the board. Add the mobile commerce challenge to the mix and we’re talking even more frustration.

There are however, a few shining examples of brands that recognize the power of the “last mile”, the usual suspects who evolve with their customers, investing in all the right places and who don’t put the omnichannel approach on the bench. It’s not all billion dollar budget spenders like Amazon however, there are other brands that believe exceptional customer experiences from start to finish are a core competency. In this recent MultiChannel Merchant article, we examine this pressing retail issue and break down steps any company can take to ensure any glitches in the fulfillment process do not cost repeat or new customers.

Click here to read the full article and let us know the brands you think are the strongest contenders. Who is dominating and who needs to go back to the almighty playbook?



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