CX LabNotes Blog ( June 2017 )

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OpinionLab staff teach local sixth graders to code

June 29, 2017

On a windy winter Wednesday back in February, three OLabbers and I went to DeWitt Clinton Elementary School to talk programming with Mrs. Ashley Danoff’s sixth grade Math & Science class as part of the continuing efforts of our CSR … Continue reading

Four tips to improve customer experience with digital feedback

June 20, 2017

Digital feedback has the potential to have far-reaching business impact on defining metrics, such as customer loyalty and revenue. But only if it’s harnessed correctly. For this to be the case, there are a handful of absolutely critical strategies you … Continue reading

Do you have a customer experience blindspot?

June 8, 2017

In my last blog, I explained why listening to customers can provide greater customer understanding than merely observing their behavior. Many companies seem to agree as evidenced by the number of Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs that exist and … Continue reading

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