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View the latest OpinionLab infographics exploring the most cutting edge customer experience and Voice of Customer trends.

Customer journey mapping: Six best practices + the missing ingredient

Forrester claims that 63% of CX professionals say their firms map customer experiences, while VentureBeat research indicates that only 5% of marketers believe they have mastered the ability to predict the customer journey. Creating an accurate and effective customer journey map … Continue reading

Three reasons website redesigns fail

An effective website is critical to business success – which is why significant resources are invested in wholesale redesign projects. But how can you learn from others’ errors to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes? Find out three of the … Continue reading

Five ways VoC powers an optimized online CX

As your main touch point with your customers in this digital world, your website is the primary face of your business and critical to your success. But how can listening to your Voice of Customer to deliver an optimal digital experience … Continue reading

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