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Will the real omnichannel please stand up?

Retail Online Integration by Mark Treschl The arrival of omnichannel has the retail industry drawing new battle lines in the sand. Pundits predicted e-commerce would eventually crush brick-and-mortar, with as the big gun and other popular pure-plays falling in … Continue reading

Why in-store tracking won’t be like Minority Report by Jim Mortleman The 2002 science-fiction movie Minority Report is set in a dystopian future where people routinely have their retinas scanned while walking through shopping malls, prompting virtual salespeople to pop up and greet or cajole them with … Continue reading

Apple move aims to protect shoppers from secret eyeballs

Upstart Business Journal by Teresa Novellino The UpTake: If there’s a privacy revolution in the offing, count Apple in. Beginning this fall, iPhone-carrying consumers will be able to prevent technology firms that track in-store shoppers from creating shopper profiles linked … Continue reading

Millennials prefer malls over shopping online

KUSA 9News by Laurie Cipriano There was a time not so long ago, that some people were predicting the death of shopping malls. Not so – and they can thank Millennials. The tech-savvy generation, between the ages of eighteen and … Continue reading

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