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New study: consumers overwhelmingly reject in-store tracking by retailers

OpinionLab research finds that 8 out of 10 shoppers do not want stores to track their movements via smartphone. Data security (68.5%) and spying (67%) are top concerns cited by consumers around cellphone tracking in stores. Nearly half (43%) of … Continue reading

Maryland legislation, consumer sentiment could quash mobile tracking in-store

MediaPost by Laurie Sullivan In the search for online and in-store mobile tracking equality, none exists. Government legislators and consumers have never had a similar view on the ability to track customer behavior online and in stores, although major retail … Continue reading

Consumers just say no to in-store mobile tracking

Internet Retailer by Bill Siwicki 77% of U.S. adults with smartphones do not want retailers tracking their smartphones when they are in retailers’ stores, OpinionLab finds. 43% of consumers are less likely to shop at a store that tracks mobile … Continue reading

Stop following me!

Direct Marketing News by Al Urbansky Consumers may be mildly or even seriously concerned about having their digital travels tracked online by marketers, but they are absolutely adamant about being tracked inside store and malls. And what they’re saying is … Continue reading

Why in-store tracking might not be as bad as it sounds

Fortune/CNN Money by Erin Griffith FORTUNE — Consumers hate the idea of retailers tracking them through their smartphones. Overwhelmingly so, in fact: As I noted yesterday, a new survey from OpinionLab shows 77% of respondents found in-store tracking unacceptable; 63% … Continue reading

Consumers wary of in-store mobile tracking by retailers

MarketingProfs by Ayaz Nanji Over three-quarters of consumers (77%) do not want to be tracked in retail stores via their cellphones without explicit consent, according to a recent report from OpinionLab.

Infographic: consumers just say no to in-store tracking consumers favor opt-in consent

AdWeek by Katy Bachman Given the choice, consumers are likely to just say “no” to their movements being tracked in retail stores via their smart phones. According to a new survey by Chicago-based OpinionLab, 8 out of 10 consumers don’t … Continue reading

Consumers just say no to in-store tracking Smartbrief Concerns about data security are the main reason consumers are hesitant about retailers tracking them using mobile devices, according to OpinionLab. The survey found that 64% of respondents wish to have an opt-in option before they are tracked. … Continue reading

Consumers hate in-store tracking (but retailers, startups and investors love it)

Fortune/CNN Money by Erin Griffith Despite excitement from the business world, consumers aren’t keen on the latest innovations in retail advertising. A whole new category of technology has sprung up to serve “omnichannel” retailers, who combine online analytics with brick-and-mortar … Continue reading

Retailers: your surveys are making customers suffer

Forbes by Lydia Dishman If you’ve shopped anywhere within the last years, you’ve certainly had this happen. A cashier presents you with a receipt that would give a roll of toilet paper a run for its money. Then points out … Continue reading

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