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Great comment cards start here

August 28, 2012

Setting up a comment card is a daunting task. A scary task that might give even the most savvy marketers pause. Luckily, we’re here with bells and whistles on to break down the necessary steps.   Once you’ve activated a … Continue reading

Smartphone users are changing the e-commerce landscape

August 24, 2012

Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone have long waged campaigns to be the most used, most popular smartphone. And with the capabilities, people the world over are using their mobile devices and even tablets over traditional desktops (does anyone have one … Continue reading

There is intelligent life out there

August 21, 2012

When it comes to artificial intelligence, images of indestructible bone-crushing terminators, Dr. Theopolis and R2D2’s often come to mind. While this might be airing my inner child a little too publicly in this forum, it’s not shocking that the present day world … Continue reading

It’s a thank you window, with a PhD

August 9, 2012

Basic thank you windows can accomplish a lot– they show a consumer appreciation for the time they’ve taken to leave comments and let the user know that you care about the issues they encounter when researching, purchasing or engaging in … Continue reading

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