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Geolocation helps stories get to their happily ever after

July 24, 2012

Context is king. It reigns supreme. It’s the head honcho, numero uno, big cheese…well you get the idea right? In the not so far away world of customer feedback, people send comments, complaints and praise, even if they’re not sitting … Continue reading

Life choices

July 11, 2012

Be it cream or sugar, chocolate or peanut butter, lemon or lime–life is full of choices. Feedback link implementation is one of the first life choices you’ll make as an OpinionLab client, just sans the sugar high. This decision is … Continue reading

The shallow end of the boolean logic

July 6, 2012

Today, we take a dip in the shallow end of the Boole. Boole is more than just a pool with no “p” in it, and he certainly deserves better than bad puns. Who exactly is this mysterious man? George Boole … Continue reading

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