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The “r” word

May 30, 2012

The very word strikes fear into the heart of any average joe marketer. It’s public enemy no. 1 and in some remote areas of the world the mere mention causes children to cry; spoken out loud it’s even been known … Continue reading

A Voice of Customer wake-up call

May 29, 2012

You know that feeling you have when you lose your keys? That gripping, heart-clutching panic that grips your chest? When you lose a potential customer, do you get that same mind-numbing fear? If you don’t now, let this be your wake-up … Continue reading

Giving peanut butter and jelly a run for the money

May 24, 2012

The whole reason for using analytics in the first place is to reveal what users are doing on your site. Marketers gain visibility into digital behaviors, site visits, time spent on page and other key indicators of what exactly a … Continue reading

Up your VoC ante

May 23, 2012

Luck comes in handy for horseshoes and hand-grenades, but it certainly doesn’t apply to feedback collection techniques. When it comes to your customers’ experience, it’s time to up the feedback ante and develop a strong Voice of Customer program from … Continue reading

Being the cool kid doesn’t always mean you’re right

May 17, 2012

I’ll admit it. I was the kid that took copious notes, went home and re-wrote those notes. Besides having a predisposition for carpal tunnel syndrome and obvious pent up anger towards trees, this skill has always suited me well. Especially … Continue reading

I’m your own VoC personal shopper

May 15, 2012

I realized that I’m kind of a personal shopper, doling out VoC advice. And while you might not take fashion advice from me (though really, can you ever go wrong with a studded leather belt?), over a dozen years at … Continue reading

Sixty top US trafficked websites can’t be wrong

May 10, 2012

Most audits suck. OpinionLab is anything but traditional; we actually chose to conduct an audit. Of our own free will.  Take a moment to let our life choices sink in. We took the sixty most heavily trafficked websites in the … Continue reading

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