Why OpinionLab

Why do hundreds of the world’s best known companies trust OpinionLab to listen to their customers and take action on what they say?

Because for over a decade, we’ve provided a unique approach to gather customer-initiated feedback together with the rich context and advanced analytics to create customer centric cultures and empower smarter and faster business decisions.

Industry solutions

CX Solutions tailored to
your business


Benefit from a retail-specific CX solution that enables you to explore all aspects of your consumers’ interactions with you and delivers the insight to optimize your CX across all your touch points – whether on your website, via mobile or in your stores.

  • Understand non-buyer behavior
  • Inform key omnichannel initiatives (e.g. BOPIS)
  • Benchmark your CX performance against other retailers

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Financial services

Our financial services CX solution empowers you to make significant improvements to your customer experience on your website, via mobile or in your branches, while acting in line with the latest security and regulatory requirements.

  • Gather VoC without compromising security
  • Evolve CX at all points of the customer journey
  • Forge lasting customer relationships

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Other industries

We deliver insight to improve business performance across many industries, from healthcare and travel & hospitality to telecommunications and industrial distribution.

  • Increase competitive advantage though improved CX
  • Improve key business metrics such as conversion and customer loyalty
  • Create a more customer centered business culture

Download our latest Customer Opinion Index for benchmarking and industry comparisons.​

Use Cases

Where we deliver value


Implement an informed website redesign that drives results

A website redesign is a high visibility strategic initiative that requires a significant investment of your financial and human resources. OpinionLab’s unique capability to enable you to listen to and take action on real-time customer feedback on a page-specific basis will mitigate your risk and improve your results. Whether as a conduit for instant feedback from your highest value customers or as an integrated component of your multivariate testing, OpinionLab will play an invaluable role in your site redesign.

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Continually optimize your website to achieve your business objectives

Ongoing optimization of your website is a strategic necessity due to heightened consumer expectations, pervasive smart devices and a hyper competitive market. Your website plays a critical role across your entire omnichannel customer journey, and your ability to understand and act on market opportunities and site deficiencies is directly correlated to achieving your broader business objectives. OpinionLab uniquely provides you the real-time feedback and context to fine tune your web experience and maintain your competitive edge.

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Ensure a fully optimized and responsive mobile CX that drives engagement

Regardless of the business you’re in, more and more of today’s consumers prefer to interact with you via a mobile device. Companies that focus on their mobile experience and respond to the advancing needs of digital-first consumers therefore will significantly extend their competitive advantage. OpinionLab’s mobile optimized user experience, ability to capture real-time, mobile-centric context and advanced analytics are ideally suited to give you an edge in an accelerating and complex mobile marketplace. ​

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Move the needle on your CX to deliver improved customer satisfaction

One effective way to gauge the success of your CX initiatives is to monitor evaluative customer satisfaction metrics such as CSAT or NPS. Many OpinionLab customers that use these evaluative measures find understanding the specific actions that result in improvements challenging to understand. OpinionLab uniquely provides you with diagnostic capabilities to gauge consumer feedback in real-time and make the changes you need to improve overall customer satisfaction.

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Optimize your BOPUS/BOPIS CX for higher margins and larger baskets

“Buy online, pick up in store” (BOPUS/BOPIS) is becoming increasingly popular for customers due to reduced shipping costs and immediate gratification. The omnichannel CX you present throughout your BOPUS customer journey can deliver delighted customers and increased revenue. We help many of the world’s leading retailers ensure the success of these cross-channel initiatives, and we can help you.

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Customer journey maps

Inform cross-channel customer journey maps with precision

As the speed and complexity of your customer’s cross-channel interactions increase, customer journey mapping can prove an exceptionally valuable process by which to gain and maintain a deeper customer understanding, and with it, competitive advantage. OpinionLab is uniquely well-suited to consistently provide pinpoint feedback from customer engagement posts throughout your customer journey, both digital and physical.

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Customer centered cultures

Build customer centered cultures

Inspiring your broader organization to be more customer-centric is a powerful cultural driver that delivers tangible business results. But creating and maintaining a customer centered culture can be a significant challenge. Our solutions connect your broader organization to your customers, providing real visibility that results in a more customer centric culture.

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CRM integration

Connect the dots and delight your customers

Out of all of the complementary technologies that OpinionLab seamlessly integrates with, an integration with your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and process can be the most powerful. Organize large amounts of detailed customer feedback to match your customer segmentation, attach relevant feedback to individual CRM records and take action in real-time to drive stronger, longer lasting customer relationships.

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Integrations for deeper CX insight

OpinionLab integrates seamlessly with a wide range of complementary technologies to provide even greater context to your customer insight, which enables you to take better and more targeted action. Integrate with session replay, CRM, behavioral analytics, web and text analytics, tag management and multivariate testing technologies, your own legacy systems and more to drive optimization, improve segmentation and enhance CX performance.

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