website feedback moves the needle

The first time a new client begins streaming customer feedback from their website to internal teams, almost instantly, a foundational shift begins to take place. Priorities change. Funding emerges. Skeptics become believers. Customer centricity moves beyond the mission statement, influencing decisions and culture company wide.

customer centricity

By inviting customers to drive brand conversations, this opt-in, page-specific model captures and structures streaming feedback from engaged consumers, helping organizations pinpoint issues and identify opportunities in real time. OpinionLab’s patented Website Feedback solutions drives ongoing optimization, helping brands improve online satisfaction, conversion and customer experience performance. The world’s leading brands have felt the power of [+] drive positive business outcomes in several key areas such as:

  • Boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Maximizing customer lifetime value
  • Reducing customer service costs
  • Driving increased foot traffic to the store
  • Resolving customer complaints before they go viral

Whether collecting feedback on websites, mobile platformsstores, and products, hundreds of leading brands around the world recognize OpinionLab as the Enterprise solution for Voice of Customer.

OpinionLab offers deep and powerful industry benchmarking, across leading industries and encompassing digital and physical touch points. OpinionLab’s proprietary Customer Feedback Index and Functional Mean Ratings are derived from OpinionLab’s patented web, mobile, and store-based feedback solutions, which to date have captured more than 1 billion pieces of real customer feedback for nearly half the Fortune 50 and hundreds of the world’s greatest brands.