making data actionable
bring voice of customer to life in your organization



Make real-time customer feedback actionable.



Bring Voice of Customer to life within your organization.



Faster and more flexible access to context and insight.


Dynamically grouped comment themes by subject matter. You can drill down into individual comment groupings or comments themselves to reveal moments of truth and make sense of unstructured data.

Comment Mosaic

Raise organizational awareness by highlighting the good and bad of what customers are talking about right now. This motion and color-driven matrix highlights sentiment so you can quickly diagnose areas of opportunity within the right context.


Compare relative task specific (e.g., shopping cart) performance versus real time, vertical specific, peer data, and find out at a glance where you under- and over-perform your industry peers. And it’s not just a score – you can drill into the comments to uncover the why in real-time.

Location View

Organizations with brick-and-mortar locations need actionable insights from both on-line and in-store customer experience feedback. OpinionLab provides physical location-specific, real-time feedback. As it’s collected, you can identify and analyze feedback by a location, or group of locations, to focus and distribute attention where it’s needed.

Domain Report

Quickly filter domain-specific information to identify time based trends and priorities. The Domain Report provides a dynamic snapshot of feedback volume and sentiment segmented by domain, for when you need granular and actionable insight to improve customer experience and support web redesign projects.

Comment Stream

Real-time stream of customer comments, and related context, segmented to extract out just the part you need to see. OpinionLab’s reporting hub provides easier access to the contextual diagnostics ​that help you take concrete action in your organization.