mobile feedback

Anyone can collect VoC data; the key is collecting it well and managing it in a way that promotes action. Our seamless mobile comment cards power customer-centric strategy by capturing both strategic and tactical insights.

context-rich data

The key is context, and in mobile, the options are endless; whether collecting geolocation within each submitted comment or inviting customers to attach photos and voice memos to their feedback, OpinionLab clients tap into meaningful, location-specific insight tied to key moments of truth without interrupting smartphone users’ experiences or insulting privacy needs.

opt-in model for mobile websites and apps

By inviting customers to drive brand conversations, this opt-in model captures and structures real-time insights from engaged customers from everywhere, helping organizations identify opportunities and pinpoint issues on mobile websites and apps.

optimized for all devices and form factors

Using the power of responsive design, OpinionLab’s universal comment cards adapt fluidly to both smartphone and tablets, across iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms and instantly adapts the comment card to your customer’s device or form factor.

Whether collecting feedback on mobile websites, smartphone apps, brick-and-mortar properties, or products, hundreds of leading brands around the world recognize OpinionLab as the Enterprise solution for mobile Voice of Customer.