in-store feedback

Gone are the days of phone in surveys, customer-service desk comment cards and URLs on store receipts. By reinventing antiquated store-feedback systems to better serve today’s real-time, mobile marketplace, our patented technology invites customers to drive brand conversations while on the go. OpinionLab extends your in-store feedback program beyond the boundaries of brick-and-mortar.

a new era in store feedback

OpinionLab invites purchasers to provide feedback on their store experiences, and collects actionable, real-time data on every aspect of the experience including layout, merchandising, customer experience and staff performance. Using point-of-sale integration, richness and context are added to the feedback by layering it with transactional data such as basket size, SKUs purchased and Sales Associate ID. This opt-in model goes beyond just buyers by capturing feedback from non-purchasers as well.

OpinionLab provides you with deep visibility into the non-buyer experience as well, helping you increase store revenue by identifying and eliminating the most important barriers to buying. Store Feedback solutions use a variety of invitation methods beyond POS integration including store signage, QR codes, SMS codes and other mobile triggers to:

  • increase same store sales
  • drive larger basket sizes
  • maximize revenue per square foot
  • optimize employee performance
  • resolve customer complaints before they go viral
  • boost customer satisfaction and loyalty