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voice of customer reporting

While consumers recognize our familiar [+] feedback symbol as the mark of customer-centric brands the world over, those brands are often most interested in what’s behind [+]: an advanced feedback-management system that structures raw Voice of Customer (VoC) data and delivers it to stakeholders in real time.Enterprise back-end reporting helps OpinionLab clients gain quick insight into VoC trends, then drill down to examine specific problems and opportunities as data flows in, making feedback an actionable metric and spurring agile improvements at all brand touchpoints.   Some of our robust reporting options include:

real-time dynamic reporting tools

Visually intuitive and easy to navigate, many clients rely on our engaging dashboards for brand-wide diagnostics, location-specific analytics, tracking and trending and alerts and monitors.

integrated reporting

Are you sitting on a wealth of other data from web analytics or CRM systems? OpinionLab analysts break down data silos and mesh multiple data sets together to paint holistic and fully integrated portraits of customer experience performance.


Using gap analysis, OpinionLab analysts help you benchmark your customer experience performance vs. the leaders in your industry using a wide array of customer experience metrics, including:
  • Satisfaction
  • Loyalty
  • Functional Benchmarking