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Retailer’s CX Checklist

Retail consumers today are more knowledgeable and empowered than ever, inevitably leading to a more demanding marketplace with little room for error. One could easily argue that the biggest contributor to this retail evolution has been the advent of mCommerce, or mobile shopping, with 20% of all online sales in 2014 taking place on smartphones or tablets. And that number is only going to rise with time.

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Keeping Voice of Customer Secure

Data security isn’t always a hot topic for Voice of Customer (VoC) solution providers, but with brands embracing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based VoC solutions at a record pace, there is increasing awareness around the role that third-party vendors play in securely managing sensitive enterprise data at scale. While SaaS-based VoC can generate tremendous value for the enterprise, brands need to remain vigilant about privacy and security risks when selecting a vendor. This white paper is designed to educate brands about these risks and provide them with a blueprint for selecting a vendor with a robust data security program.

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Customer Experience Diagnostics

How does real-time Voice of Customer (VoC) visibility make customer feedback actionable? Executives across industries are investing unprecedented sums of money into VoC programs designed to improve Customer Experience (CX) consistency. This white paper discusses the role that real-time diagnostics play in making VoC data more actionable, engaging and accessible–all while enhancing and complementing the impact of traditional, evaluative CX tracking.

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So Long, Surveys!

This guide outlines the 7 reasons why traditional surveys are increasingly taking a backseat to Customer Initiated Engagement at the enterprise level, and explores the key drivers of this paradigm shift.

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applying voc to the new omnichannel customer journey

Consumers today are more empowered and hyper-connected than ever before. They are tapping digital channels to bond with brands, as well as share their feedback on retail experiences and products they purchase. Learn how harnessing customer feedback across all channels can drive customer loyalty and sales.

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