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Using VoC to Create a Customer Centered Culture

President/CTO Mark Treschl walks you through the ways in which OpinionLab helps clients communicate across departments and create more customer-centric cultures.

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American Eagle Webinar

OpinionLab’s exclusive webinar takes you deep into American Eagle’s customer experience playbook to show how they leverage real-time, continuous listening to improve the digital customer experience.

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Podcast with Glenn Engler and Jonathan Levitt

Glenn Engler discusses Voice of Customer with our own Jonathan Levitt, past CMO of OpinionLab.

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Mobile Measurement Framework

The mobile era has clearly arrived for consumers and businesses alike. Smart business owners are deploying increasingly robust digital media properties and applications designed to further promote user engagement, create entirely new revenue channels, and drive buzz in the marketplace.

Unfortunately, measurement in the mobile realm is far from easy for businesses.

Join Special Guests Eric T. Peterson of Web Analytics Demystified and Jaclyn Von Oven of Best Buy, plus Mark Krebs of OpinionLab for an informative webcast on the challenges of mobile and multichannel measurement. You’ll uncover a new set of measures that transcends devices, platforms, and channels and has the potential to introduce for the first time ubiquitous measures of success across the entire digital landscape.

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