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Webinar: The right VoC program for the digital age

Join Forrester analyst Maxie Schmidt to find out the three steps and eight data sources you to incorporate to upgrade your VoC program for the digital age to enable you to accurately measure and optimize your customer experience. Continue reading

Webinar: How to boost your customer journey mapping processes

Join CX guru Bruce Temkin for this webinar to find out: How to create customer journey maps that deliver consistent cross-channel journeys How to foster the internal collaboration necessary to elevate your journey maps to the next level How Voice of Customer can …

Webinar: How American Eagle Outfitters improves digital customer experience

Our exclusive webinar takes you deep into American Eagle’s customer experience playbook to show how the leading clothing and accessories retailer leverages its VoC through real-time, continuous digital feedback to improve omnichannel customer experience. Continue reading

Webinar: How to use VoC to create a customer centered culture

Fostering a customer centered culture that delivers great CX is the holy grail for organizations across the world. Find out how your VoC can be the spearhead that drives these business defining outcomes. Continue reading

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