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opinionlab rockstars: meet Dallas

Welcome to 2013 (cue the confetti drop). It’s going to be a great year for OpinionLab and omnichannel digital feedback solutions in general. We’ll continue to celebrate our industry and the people that make our company so strong. So it only makes sense as we kick off the New Year to highlight an employee that’s been improving customer experiences since 2005. Dallas has been a part of our Chicago office, pushing the boundaries of client experiences and is even one of our resident mobile implementation gurus. We turn to him for quite a lot in the office and it’s only fair we give him a shout out for his many years of dedicated service. So raise a glass (non-alcoholic if you’re at work of course) and get to know Dallas. Cheers!

Uhhh – don’t have one.

Favorite childhood toy?

Where was your last vacation?
Florida. It’s an annual thing to relax and enjoy the sun and beach and visit family.

If you could have one super power who would it be?

Favorite local restaurant?
Chipotle. I can’t live without it (Sidebar. All our Chicago employees frequent there enough they know our names. Now I know what we’re having for lunch today!)

What are you reading?
Queen by Steven James. (Queen as in the chess piece.) It’s the last book in a series about an FBI agent tracking serial killers. Pretty exciting stuff.

One book you recommend everyone should read?
Three by Ted Dekker. If you like fiction, this is a must (Done and done!).

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