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opinionlab rockstars: meet brandon

We value feedback here at OpinionLab. Which is a good thing because it’s what drew this Friday’s spotlight to our North Carolina office in the first place. Brandon is a rockstar in his own right, namely because he creates amazing customer experiences for our clients, but we also have to recognize his office mate Jackson at the same time (pictured here). Celebrate Brandon with us in this week’s employee spotlight.

Batman and Superman are dueling at your street block party. Who holds the winning trophy at the end of the day?
Is that a serious question? Superman of course.

You’ve got a 3pm craving. Does peanut butter or chocolate win out?
Reese’s Cups. (Jackson doesn’t get any though)

After you’ve stuffed yourself on Reese’s Cups at 3pm, where do you go for dinner if it is takeout?
Whole Foods hot bar.

You know the drill, you’re the only one on deserted island. A genie grants you the ability to eat one and only one kind of food for the next week. What is it?

If you were a movie quoting person, what movie would be your favorite quotable movie?
If you were counting TV Shows, Arrested Development would win hands down! If I were forced to pick a movie (yes, you’re definitely forced to pick one) it would be The Big Lebowski…although Spinal Tap is right up there with it.

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  1. Janice Pollock says:

    Way to go Brandon and Jackson!!!

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