Our customers are our best spokespeople. No spin here – just honest proof about the value we deliver, straight from the horses’ mouths.


“OpinionLab allows us to identify and resolve issues as they emerge and this is a tremendous tool for improving our customers’ experience across channels, which is increasingly important as our customers turn to tablets, mobile, stores and desktops to shop.”


OpinionLab allows us to accurately monitor real-time comments by segment on multiple properties, and then immediately re-distribute key insights to relevant departments who act upon it straight away.”


“We believe our decision to select the global leader in Voice of Customer, is a true testament of our commitment – making it even easier for our customers to provide feedback and for our company to act on that feedback.”


“OpinionLab Voice of Customer feedback has literally transformed our organization. More than a dozen groups use the feedback daily. VoC gives us direct visibility to the actual customer experience and helps us clearly understand and immediately address any issues.”


“At Air Canada, the feedback we get from our customers is extremely important. With OpinionLab, we offer our customers a quick and easy way to voice their opinion on our website. The comments we receive help us to continually improve their experience at aircanada.com.”


“OpinionLab has made it much easier to talk to clients, put stories with their issues, and show them that we’re listening, researching and working to make applicable improvements in the future. It’s been invaluable in gaining the trust of our clients.”


“The OpinionLab “[+]” sign is an easy way to get customer comments without popping an intrusive survey. Most visitors will not fill out a long survey just to tell you a link is broken or an offer needs clarification. That’s why the “[+]” feedback works. Visitors see it as a quick, effortless way to give feedback on your site.”


“OpinionLab gives clients a great way to share opinions and questions, and gives us helpful feedback to ensure our services continue to meet their needs.”