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OpinionLab is the global leader in Voice of Customer (VoC) feedback innovation, serving a prestigious client list that includes nearly half of Fortune 50 organizations.

With real-time listening solutions for every brand touch point, our pioneering VoC platform invites consumers to share input in their own words, at anytime, from anywhere, helping organizations collect, understand, and leverage both structured and unstructured customer data.

For over a decade, hundreds of the world’s leading brands have looked to the familiar [+] feedback symbol to better acquire, engage, and retain customers through an approach so streamlined it’s groundbreaking: listen always, listen everywhere. The result is actionable customer insight that sparks foundational improvement to companies’ products, people, and brands.

Today, we’re growing faster than ever before. We like to think this is because, as a Voice of Customer company, we’re committed to listening to our own clients—and responding to their input. We think it’s made all the difference. And we’d be happy to talk about why.

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