improve your omnichannel CX

Listening to the Voice of Your Customer has always been important, but the expectations of those customers have changed. Today, your customers expect you to listen to their feedback when and where they want to provide it. And just listening is no longer enough; they expect you to take action on what they tell you and improve their overall experience. If you don’t, your competition is oftentimes just a click away.

OpinionLab invented customer initiated engagement to help you give your customers a voice on their terms, and OpinionLab uniquely captures the context of that voice necessary to diagnose and take real-time action. Empowered with both the real-time voice of your customer and the context necessary to take action, you can make smarter and faster business decisions and improve the quality and consistency of your Customer Experience.

Let OpinionLab show you how improved Customer Experience translates into improved business results.

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customer snapshot: American Eagle Outfitters


AEO’s omnichannel team worked with stores to restructure operations and optimize P&Ls on the basis of customer insights gained via OpinionLab.
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customer snapshot: Bank of America


Among the nation’s largest banks by assets, Bank of America operates one of the country’s most extensive branch networks with some 5,300 locations and more than 16,300 ATMs.
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